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Life In Progress

Documentaries / Varo Users

Through careful selection of our subject and pre-interview, we will craft a script that hinges on their past difficulty, and how they have overcome and are moving forward. We’ll structure our shooting day with a one hour interview, then b-roll taking the audience into the world of our subject, and their unique life experience.

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Docs + Essay

This subsequent approach will tell our chosen subject’s story, but will combine elements from the video essay genre. Imagine scenes of a character documentary flowing together with sections of the piece ‘zooming out’ and outlining the historical context of traditional banking methods, interest rates, and other facts that frame the narrative in a wider significance.

This approach will require a story producer or researcher to help us craft the script and data points. The post production phase will be more in-depth as well, requiring archival footage, motion graphics displays, and other mediums.

We think that this method will maximize the impact of the videos across online platforms and help better establish Varo as the authority in the rising conversation around financial change.